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A new blog for the New Year

Updated: Feb 3

Welcome to the shiny new Cubic Earth blog, where spheres are cubes to reduce computational complexity and bits of Python roam free.

Kia ora tātou — greetings to all

Ko Pirongia te maunga — Pirongia is the mountain

Ko Waipa te awa — Waipa is the river

Nō Te Awamutu, Aotearoa ahau — I am from Te Awamutu, New Zealand

Ko Wallis tōku whānau — Wallis is my family

Ko Irene tōku ingoa — my name is Irene

I’m an independent consultant to the geothermal industry and researcher. I specialise in structural geology and geomechanics for high-temperature geothermal reservoirs, conceptual model development and well targeting, and the geoscience components of drilling and testing programs. This means that I love data, and all the challenges associated with turning data into insight.

I’m passionate the role renewable energy will play in protecting our collective future, so I devote time to developing tools and technology that will drive resource science innovation and support sustainable geothermal development—where that term ‘sustainable’ must apply to the environment, the communities, and the companies who are investing in exploration and development. In tech, innovation in open source projects is outpacing the well-financed projects behind the corporate gates. While acknowledging the realities of the commercial world, I believe that innovation in geothermal resource science could similarly benefit from an open-source and open data approach. This is the motivation behind my blog.

In this blog series you’ll find tips, ticks and tutorials, as well as interesting projects that I’m working on. Python tools profiled here will be open source and therefore available to download either from my GitHub or from whomever developed them. Get in touch if you would like to collaborate or contribute, or if you have a geothermal dataset that can be made open.

Let’s get into it!

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