Cubic Earth

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Provides consulting services to the geothermal industry and research institutions that facilitates successful and sustainable development of geothermal resources. Currently also undertaking research on causal links between geology and hydrothermal fluid flow at the district, reservoir and wellbore scale that has direct industry application. 


Helps technical teams turn information and recommendations into effective technical, business or stakeholder communication. Experienced facilitator and ghostwriter for interdisciplinary teams in renewable resource sectors, such as geothermal energy and plantation forestry.


Initiates and participates in not-for-profit projects that impact the positive feedback between humans and nature because enhancing the health of our environment will improve human health. Likewise, enhancing human social, cultural, and physical health will improve our environment. Let's nudge the cycle in a positive direction.


I'm a science professional and technical writer with a diverse background and over a decade of experience in high-temperature geothermal resources. While I value deep technical expertise, I believe that connecting people with ideas is also a fundamental part of effective problem-solving. When working with technical teams, I seek to enable clear communication, facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration, and to empower others. These are pillars that support social, environmental, and economic sustainability in natural resource development.


Sustainability matters, for the resources and us. 

My desire to have a measurable positive impact on international renewable energy development was born of extensive experience as a field geologist in remote locations like the Western US, Antarctic Dry Valleys, the Altiplano of northern Chile, and inland Australia. I took the background image on this webpage in Victoria Valley, Antarctica. Sensitive environments like these are disproportionately impacted by human-induced climate change. The Victoria Valley hosts a permafrosted dune-field of global significance and several glaciers whose size has reduced dramatically in recent years. As a geologist who studies changes on Earth over millennia, I'm finding it unnerving to watch our environment shift so rapidly in my lifetime.  

Irene Wallis

Consulting geoscientist and founder of Cubic Earth




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