Provides geoscience services to the geothermal industry that contribute to overall project success and the sustainable development of resources. Expert facilitator for conceptual model development and well planning. Currently completing research on the causal links between geology and fluid flow at the district, reservoir and wellbore scales. 


Helps technical teams turn information and recommendations into effective technical, business or stakeholder communication. Experienced facilitator and ghostwriter for interdisciplinary teams in renewable resource sectors, such as geothermal energy and plantation forestry.


Initiates and participates in not-for-profit projects that impact the positive feedback between humans and nature because enhancing the health of our environment will improve human health. Likewise, enhancing human social, cultural and physical health will improve our environment. Seeking to nudge the cycle in a positive direction.


I'm a science professional, advocate and communicator who believes that people are at the heart of sustainable approaches to the development and management of renewable resources. I believe that good communication and interdisciplinary collaboration are critical to getting the best from technical teams and, therefore, central to the economic and environmental success of your business.  



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+64 27 441 2194