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A New Cubic Earth

Updated: May 2, 2021

As I've joined Geologica Geothermal Group as Senior Geologist, I'll no longer be available for geothermal consulting under the Cubic Earth banner. Instead, I'm now available to contribute to global geothermal projects with the full support of a dynamic, interdisciplinary team led by Jill Haizlip.

Cubic Earth has been reimagined as the home of my open source code contributions and musings on technical subjects including geothermal, geoscience and python. I'm excited about this new phase and am looking forward to building up a resource that enables and inspires those who seek to take a computational approach to geoscience.

Blog content from the old website will be bought across, and I have some new content in the pipeline. I'm always keen to hear post and project suggestions from the community, and am actively seeking collaborators for open source projects.

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