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Live Stream Laughs

Who knew that geothermal well test analysis with python could be so much fun? Well, I guess it all depends on who you get to do it with.

Last week reservoir engineer Katie McLean and I were live for the Software Underground (SWUG) Transform 2021 conference. We gave a tutorial on geothermal well completion testing and how the analysis could be done using Python. Our tutorial is downloadable from GitHub and you can watch it on YouTube.

It was our first time doing a live stream and, as is so often the reality when juggling these volunteer events with our professional and family lives, we launched into it without having had time for a dry run. What a blast!

Two things that made this experience special: Being able to develop something cool with my friend Katie and the chatter on the SWUG slack channel during our live stream.

Amusing typos were spotted.

TV deals were offered.

And we were reminded how lucky we are in New Zealand to be free of COVID and able to spend time with friends.

Huge thanks to those in the SWUG community who made the event so much fun!

Software Underground (SWUG) is a friendly, grass roots community that supports and advocates for people who use software and code in subsurface applications. As well as running the annual Transform event that generates loads of valuable tutorials, SWUG hosts a vibrant slack community that connects likeminded specialists and enables crowdsource problem solving. If you do anything subsurface + computers, then check them out.

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